Extra Virgin Olive Oil is in the DNA of Italian consumers, it is a key part of Mediterranean culinary tradition and a symbol of our culture. Healthy, natural, and irreplaceable, it is both a simple and complex product and we meet very strict requirements to ensure its quality.

The excellence of Salov’s oils depends on the method in which the raw ingredients are selected, processed and transformed. Our 100 years’ of experience in selecting raw ingredients means that we choose only the best – because we understand and consider the importance of many quality factors – such as climate, exposure and soil characteristics, olive harvesting and storage. The various projects carried out at our Villa Filippo Berio olive grove support and inform this innovation, especially in the area of sustainability.


Oil is an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, a symbol of our food culture and an essential element of healthy and tasty meals.


According to European regulations*, in order to be classified as ‘Extra Virgin’, an Olive Oil must be obtained by mechanically pressing olives and must comply with several parameters, the most important of which is the oleic acid content (free acidity level), which must be a maximum of 0.8 g per 100 g of oil.
The lower the acidity, the higher the quality of the oil… which is why we are NOT satisfied with simply complying with the legal requirements… we have much stricter requirements for our products, up to 0.5/0.3 g per 100 g of oil.


* Reg EU 29/2012 on marketing standards for Olive Oil.
* Reg EEC 2568/91 and subsequent amendments, on the characteristics of Olive Oil


For Salov, the production chain is not simply about the steps leading to the production and distribution of the final product.
Instead, it is an elaborate process, representing our corporate identity, where every aspect is considered and controlled, down to the smallest detail.
A single organic ‘system’ of people and places: small and large growers, mills, transporters, traders, who all contribute to delivering our oil to the customer’s table, always guaranteeing the highest quality.

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Quality means transparency, which is why Salov is able to control the quality of raw materials through a traceability system, from the bottle to the supplier. With the ‘Berio Method’, we have also adopted a sustainable olive-growing process for the Italian market through integrated farming that allows us to trace each bottle back to the grove where it was grown.

The experience, passion and knowledge of Salov's Master Blender, are essential in guaranteeing our authentic product quality.
The Master Blender selects and assembles the right choice of Extra Virgin Olive Oils to create the Filippo Berio or Sagra blend: combinations of oils with different characteristics that enhance each other, perfectly marrying their individual qualities.
The Master Blender has a deep understanding of the raw ingredients, with a clear vision of the organoleptic profile he wants to achieve – delivering the exact taste desired is an artform, based on skill, experience, and respect for the consumer.
The Salov Master Blender is registered on the National List of Olive Oil Tasters both as a Taster and as a Panel Leader. He coordinates the Company’s sensory analysis panel required by EEC Regulation 2568/9.


Each oil has its own unmistakable organoleptic profile, which is why blending is a key element of our production process.
Our team, led by our own Master Blender, is able to apply its in-depth knowledge of the properties of oils to the art of blending different flavours. This results in products with a unique balance of flavour, maintaining the same flavour profile and satisfying every consumer need.

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