Salov Group Supports Luccan Culture and Territory with the Sponsorship of the 68th Puccini Festival

08 July 2022  - Corporate

Salov Group Supports Luccan Culture and Territory with the Sponsorship of the 68th Puccini Festival

A collaboration is born to emphasize the bond with the territory where the company is rooted and to celebrate music, art, and beauty with a focus on the new generations.

08 July 2022  - Corporate

Salov Group Supports Luccan Culture and Territory with the Sponsorship of the 68th Puccini Festival

Massarosa, July 8, 2022Salov Group, an industrial reality among the world’s leading players in the oil sector with headquarters in Massarosa (Lucca), under the brands Filippo Berio and Sagra, is sponsoring the 68th edition of the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago, a festival recognized as “of absolute prestige” by the Ministry of Culture of our country and the only one in the world dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, which will take place in the months of July and August, right in the Tuscan places that inspired the famous composer.

Rooted in Lucca since 1867 – the year in which the founder and mentor Filippo Berio founded his company – and located in the area adjacent to the Massaciuccoli Lake Natural Park, Salov has been a constant and reassuring presence in the territory, becoming a reference point and aiming to create a company model that puts people and sustainability at the center.

The 2022 Puccini Festival theme #the best youth are the young, to whom the Festival looks by celebrating with Europe the year of youth, and for whom it is appropriate to renew positive prospects. Just the attention to the future and the new generations, together with beauty and culture, are themes of particular importance to Salov, included in the value of sustainability to which it constantly strives. For the company, for example, beauty can contribute to making the workplace more livable both for the people who work there and for the surrounding territory. Exactly with the aspiration of making the workplace more beautiful and pleasant, Salov has invested in several projects aimed at improving the company’s impact on the territory. An example is “Between sky, oil, and earth,” a strongly desired and realized project by the famous street artist Giulio “Rosk” Gebbia, who decorated 5 tanks for the collection of water derived from the oil processing process, transforming them into real works of art.

“The bond between Salov and the territory has always been very close and reciprocal. This relationship has become even stronger during the difficult times of the pandemic, a period in which we carried out further actions in support of local realities,” says Eng. Fabio Maccari, CEO of Salov Group. “This year we decided to collaborate and support the Puccini Festival to reaffirm our bond with the local community and appreciation for this important event that celebrates music, art, and beauty, a value that for us is an element of sustainability itself. Our collaboration with the Puccini Festival makes us proud, especially this year because it looks towards the future of new generations, which we, as a company, consider the most important resource.”

“We welcome with special pleasure among the supporters of our Festival a historic company like Salov that brings the name of our territory to the world,” says Maria Laura Simonetti, president of the Puccini Festival Foundation. “If culture represents a driving force for development, the Puccini Festival is certainly a valid multiplier of wealth for our territory; a territory capable of expressing quality, beauty, and well-being. Sharing goals between cultural institutions and the private sector can only make us increasingly attractive and competitive. That’s why we hope that this synergy can be part of a multi-year path, also in view of ambitious projects such as the Puccinian Celebrations 2024-2026 that, thanks to Giacomo Puccini, will see our territory under the spotlight of the entire world.”

Salov’s participation in the 68th Puccini Festival will be an opportunity to introduce a wider audience to its Filippo Berio and Sagra branded extra-virgin olive oils, but above all the values and commitment to the highest quality that each bottle contains.

SALOV SpA was established in 1919 by Giovanni Silvestrini, a long-time business partner of Filippo Berio, the founder of the homonymous brand, and a group of entrepreneurs from Lucca. Quickly, the company became a reference point for Lucca in the world. Salov is based in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, and is one of the largest oil companies with a consolidated net revenue of approximately 376 million euros and 120 million liters sold in 2021. Since 2015, it has been part of the Bright Food International Group.
The Salov Group has always been present in the Italian market with the historic Sagra brand and launched the Filippo Berio brand in Italy for the first time in 2019, a brand with over 150 years of history present all over the world and in leading position in the USA, UK, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.
In Italy, Filippo Berio is present with a dedicated range, capable of responding to an increasingly demanding consumer in terms of quality and, above all, traceability and sustainability. Thanks to the Berio Method, each stage of the production process is traced and certified starting from the field and from the application of sustainable integrated production techniques.

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