Sagra Seed Oils. A complete range for experimenting in the kitchen and creating perfect fried food and tempuras

16 June 2022  - Products

Sagra Seed Oils. A complete range for experimenting in the kitchen and creating perfect fried food and tempuras

The range of Sagra seed oils, sold in 1L and 2L r-PET bottles, is perfect for unleashing your creativity in the kitchen and preparing all types of recipes, from lighter dishes to the more indulgent, like fried foods and tempuras.

16 June 2022  - Products

Sagra Seed Oils. A complete range for experimenting in the kitchen and creating perfect fried food and tempuras

Milan, 16 June 2022Sagra, the SALOV Group’s historic brand, has been a feature of Italian dinner tables since 1959 and is the ideal partner for preparing a wide range of recipes in the kitchen on a daily basis: from lighter dishes to the more indulgent, from preserving foods in oil to fresh dressings, from frying to preparing creams and mousses.

Sagra’s range of seed oils is sold in 1L and 2L r-PET bottles which are made with 50% recycled plastic: an important step towards reducing SALOV’s environmental impact.  The line consists of six different seed oils and is designed to satisfy any need or fancy in the kitchen:

  • Corn seed
  • Peanut seed
  • Sunflower seed
  • High oleic sunflower seed
  • Frimax special frying
  • Grape seed

What’s the best way to prepare fried food and tempura?

The range is perfect for all occasions in the kitchen. You can find recipes for all tastes as well as useful tips and tricks on the website and the brand’s social media channels.

But how do you fry food perfectly? There are a few, simple tips.  It is healthiest to fry food at a temperature of between 160° and 180°. You should immerse the food completely in the oil, heat the oil well (if you have a kitchen thermometer, you can check that the temperature has reached at least 160°), cook small amounts of food at a time, remove any oil that turns a dark colour and any residue of food that accumulates on the bottom of the pan.

The way you fry makes a difference: do not underestimate the importance of the quality of the oil you use, the raw ingredients and the steps of the process.

Tempura represents an alternative to frying: it is a technique of battering food which is very similar to the Italian style of frying but comes from Japan and has many benefits, such as preventing the oil from coming into contact with the food.  The secret lies in the thermal shock created by contact between the cold food and the oil which should be at a temperature of between 170 and 180°. To prepare tempura, you just need cold vegetables from the fridge, chilled sparkling water and rice flour or a tempura batter mix.  The difference in temperature between the hot oil and the battered food ensures that the batter sticks to the food well, preventing it from coming into direct contact with the oil.  In doing so, only the exterior is cooked so that the final product is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.  It is possible to maintain the nutritional properties of the food – especially vegetables – despite the high temperatures.  In fact, you just need to absorb the excess oil from the food before enjoying a delicious and surprisingly healthy dish.

Sagra’s peanut seed oil is the best choice for frying vegetables where the smoke point does not exceed 190°.

Recipe: courgette and carrot tempura fritters


  • 300g of vegetables: carrots and courgettes (you can choose the proportion you prefer), which must be cold;
  • 100g of rice flour;
  • rice flour as required for coating the vegetables;
  • 160ml of chilled sparkling water;
  • 1 pinch of salt;
  • Sagra Peanut Seed Oil as required


Cut the vegetables into sticks and prepare the batter quickly without stirring it too much, ensuring that there are no lumps. You can keep the batter cold by placing the bowl on top of another containing ice cubes. Coat the vegetables in the flour and then the batter before cooking the fritters in a generous measure of hot peanut seed oil (at a temperature of between 170° and 180°).

Serve the vegetables while they are still hot.  Avoid storing the fritters as they will lose their crispiness. To keep up to date on news about Sagra, you can visit the websiteand its social media channels where you can also find recipes and tips to help you with your daily cooking. 

SALOV SpA was founded in 1919 by Giovanni Silvestrini, a long-time business partner of brand founder Filippo Berio, and a group of entrepreneurs from Lucca. The company quickly became a standard bearer for Lucca around the world.  SALOV is based in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, and is one of the largest companies in the olive oil sector, with a consolidated net turnover of approximately €335 million and 120 million litres sold in 2020.   
The SALOV Group has always been present on the Italian market with the historic Sagra brand and in late 2019 launched Filippo Berio in Italy for the first time; a brand with over 150 years of history across the world and the current market leader in the USA, UK and Russia, as well as Belgium, Switzerland and Hong Kong.
Filippo Berio is present in Italy with a dedicated range capable of meeting the needs of an increasingly discerning consumer in terms of quality and, above all, traceability and sustainability. In fact, thanks to the Berio Method, each part of the production process is traceable and certified, starting from the field and the application of sustainable integrated production techniques.

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