Filippo Berio Organic: Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from organic farming

01 July 2020  - Products

Filippo Berio Organic: Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from organic farming

Filippo Berio Organic is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced solely with organic olives, selected with full respect for the environment, and characterised by a perfectly balanced and harmonious taste.

01 July 2020  - Products

Filippo Berio Organic: Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from organic farming

Milan, July 2020Filippo Berio, the premium brand from the SALOV Group, presents Filippo Berio Organic: a premium extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed at a temperature below 27 degrees to preserve the nutritional characteristics of the product, with the fruitiness of newly ripe olives and notes of thistle, freshly mown grass and fresh fruit. It has a slightly tannic and spicy aftertaste on the palate, along with a hint of bitterness that goes perfectly with vegetable dishes, soups, meats and pasta.

Filippo Berio Organic Oil is produced only with olives selected with total respect for the environment, carefully checking each step of production according to EU regulations on organic products (code IT BIO 006).

Filippo Berio Organic Oil

TasteBalanced and harmonious
AromaNotes of thistle, grass and fresh fruit
Available formats and recommended price
  • Filippo Berio Organic 1lt. – 7,99€/pc
  • Filippo Berio Organic 750 ml. – 6,29€/pc
Recommended usesIdeal as a raw condiment, for vegetable dishes, soups, pasta and meat dishes

The Berio Method: a further guarantee of quality

This oil, like all Filippo Berio oils, is guaranteed by the Berio Method:  the process that ensures authentic and good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to rigorous controls at every stage of production, from the field to the bottle. The Method is based on the application of integrated cultivation and production techniques which fully respect the environment and the ecosystem, and on scrupulous controls at all stages of the production and selection process, transport to the mill and pressing of the olives. Only the best olives are used for pressing and this is strictly performed cold and in the shortest possible time, resulting in an oil with an unbeatable taste and excellent quality.

Bottles of Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil are easily recognisable, even on supermarket shelves, thanks to the the special yellow collar on the bottle which lists the stages of the Method, certified by SGS, a company that certifies both product quality and environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain.

The Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil range

The full Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil range includes 3 more products guaranteed for quality and reliability:

  • Classico – suitable for all dishes
  • 100% Italian – perfect for enhancing full-bodied flavours
  • Mild and Light – ideal for fish recipes, fresh vegetables and sauce

The SALOV Group was founded in 1919 through the merger of several companies that had been active in the oil trade since the mid-19th century. It is based in Massarosa, in the province of Lucca, and is among the largest companies in the oil sector with a consolidated net turnover in 2019 of approximately 275 million Euros and 91 million litres sold.
The SALOV Group, which has always been present on the Italian market with the famous Sagra brand, launched the Filippo Berio brand for the first time in Italy at the end of 2019, already a well-established brand worldwide and currently market leader in the USA, UK and Russia, as well as in Belgium, Holland and Switzerland. Filippo Berio has a dedicated range for Italy, one capable of responding to an increasingly demanding consumer.

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