Nature’s Olive Oil.

Sustainability is more than a word: it’s our mission.

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After 150 years of worldwide success, Filippo Berio Olive Oil has finally come home… to Italy!
Because in Italy, where Olive Oil is in our DNA, we simply couldn’t live without a brand with such a long and excellent history!

Thanks to uncompromising quality standards, the finest production facilities and dedication to our craft, the Filippo Berio brand has been synonymous with excellence for over 150 years.
The unique taste of Filippo Berio has made it the favourite Olive Oil in many countries. Filippo Berio is a leading brand in the USA, UK, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland, Philippines and Indonesia, and its reputation is now growing all over the world.


A favourite in Italy since 1959, Sagra oil is “The best of every day”. Created for those who will not compromise and want the very best.

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news and press releases

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Thanks to its many years of experience, modern production plant and the most advanced quality control tools, Salov is an ideal partner for any company that seeks high-quality Olive Oil or seed oil as an ingredient for its products.

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